I. Parties

This agreement is between (Client), and (Contractor).

II. Services To Be Performed As Agreed Upon In Proposal For The Client

Research & Setup

1. Research
  1. Develop detailed research on local directories based on industry
  2. Research top competitive companies to find directories they are listing on
  3. Create and claim accounts on the top industry-specific directories
  4. Setup of your company information and categories on each directory site
  5. Claim your listings in order to control them and respond to reviews
  6. Confirm a list of your citations and company details
2. Setup
  1. Create a private review page to capture reviews
  2. Brand the review page with company colors, logos and branding
  3. Create a unique URL to for your private review page
  4. Setup your review page with testimonials
  5. Create professionally designed review postcards and business cards you can print and send out to collect reviews
  6. Create a marketing email to request your current list to post reviews for you

Reputation Marketing Strategy

1. Reputation Marketing
  1. Monitor your listings on top directory sites for new reviews
  2. Notify you or your sales team when positive or negative reviews are posted for follow up
  3. Post real reviews collected form customers on your review page
  4. Keyword optimize reviews for your company before posting
  5. Post 5 Star Reviews to bring your reputation score up and push the bad reviews off the first page of your listing
  6. Publish the positive testimonial reviews from your local directories to your website
2. Reputation Marketing Staff Training (Reputation Marketing Culture)
  1. Create a comprehensive training center for your company that will:
    • Educate your staff on the importance of 1st Class Servic
    • Create a clear understanding of the importance of a 5 Star reputation online
    • Post 5 Star reviews online on important local business directory sites
  2. Set up a quiz system to gauge your staffs understanding of reputation marketing
3. Video Testimonials
  1. 1-hour filming of testimonials
  2. Edit each testimonial video
  3. Create a branded video testimonial review channel
  4. Optimize videos for your company name
  5. Post 5 Star review videos online
  6. Add video testimonials and reviews to your website
  7. Market those videos on your website, social media, and other online marketing venues

Monthly Reputation Development

1. Daily
  1. Daily review of your online directory sites
  2. Daily reputation review alerts to your company on new reviews
2. Weekly
  1. Weekly review of your online directory sites
  2. Weekly monitoring of your online reputation
  3. Send Bi-weekly reporting of your positive and negative online reviews
  4. Posting of new 5 Star reviews to your website and other online sites
3. Posting & Responding Reviews
  1. Post up to 10 new reviews to your listings each month
  2. Build or maintain a 5 Star reputation online each month
  3. Focus on pushing down bad reviews and averaging up your reputation score
  4. We will work with your staff to help them respond to negative reviews.
    • We believe that it is vital for a company to respond personally to all negative reviews

III. Client Agrees to Supply The Contractor

Client agrees to submit all data, information, and content to Contractor in the format specified by the Contractor within 48-72 hours of request.
  • Company details and graphics
  • Supply us with logos, artwork, and other photo or video media that you would like us to use in your branding
  • Complete a 30-minute initial consultation in order for us to gather your company details, keywords, and other media to build your promotional resources.
  • Company Online Resources
  • Client agrees to make it a priority to approve and follow up with issues in relation to Reputation Marketing. Example: Supplying Reviews, Reputation Report Meetings etc.
  • Client agrees to supply the contractor with up to 15 reviews per month.

1. Time for Performance

Contractor will perform the services within 30 days of scheduling the project. Clients will only be scheduled once payment and signed contracts are received. Client is responsible for submission of all initial data and content to Contractor within 7 days of a signed contract. Likewise, Client will submit any additional content requested by the Contractor and/or final proofing and editing to Contractor within 3 days of a request by the Contractor.

2. Payment

One Time Reputation Marketing Setup: Client will pay Contractor as follows: $2000.00 for building your Reputation Setup. Monthly Reputation Marketing Maintenance: Client will pay the contractor a monthly amount of $1000.00 and due on the 1st of every month. Additional Video Reviews: Client will pay Contractor $300.00 for Additional Reputation Video Testimonials.

3. Terms of Payment

Payment to be received by the Contractor within 10 days from the date of signing this contract. Payment can be made in full via credit card or may be made by a check payable to: Your Company Name Address City State Zip Upon the signature of this agreement the client may start the process. Development and optimization will not begin until payment is received. Monthly payments and invoicing to post reviews, directory site monitoring, real time alerts, monthly reports, reputation training center, review page collection, posting of testimonials to your website, will be done via corporate credit card and charged on the 1st of the month after the Reputation setup of the company has been completed.

4. Limited Liability

This provision allocates the risks under this Agreement between Contractor and Client. Contractor's pricing reflects the allocation of risk and limitation of liability specified below. Contractor's total liability to Client under this Agreement for damages, costs, and expenses shall not exceed the compensation received by Contractor under this Agreement. However, Contractor shall remain liable for bodily injury or personal property damage resulting from grossly negligent or willful actions of Contractor, Contractor's employees, or agents, while on Client's premises to the extent such actions or omissions were not caused by Client. There have been no promises or agreements in the contracted work that will result in any sales, profits, or revenue for the client. The contracted work and training is strictly for helping the client to learn social media and to help them develop an online presence and not to facilitate sales of their products and services. NEITHER PARTY TO THIS AGREEMENT SHALL BE LIABLE FOR THE OTHER'S LOST PROFITS, OR SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, WHETHER IN AN ACTION IN CONTRACT OR TORT, EVEN IF THE PARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED BY THE OTHER PARTY OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.

5. Expenses

Contractor will be responsible for all expenses required for the performance of the contractual services, except for the following, which will be paid for by Client: Any additional services which are elected by the client such as additional programming, main website development, consulting, etc. Contractor will submit a budget and expense to be approved by the client and the client must approve the terms and the contractor must receive payment before the work is done.

6. Terminating the Agreement

This agreement is for the set up and monthly maintenance of your Reputation Marketing and the client agrees to maintain the contract for 1 year at the agreed price and may cancel after that with a 60-day notice. If the client terminates the contract, the contractor shall be entitled to full payment for services performed prior to the date of termination at a discounted rate of $85 per hour. Contractor must submit in writing all work that was performed.

7. Intellectual Property Ownership

Contractor shall retain all copyrights, patents, trade secrets, and other intellectual property rights to the strategies that have been given to the client. These intellectual properties are not to be shared with any parties that are not a part of this contract. We are focused on educating you and promoting your reputation online, not educating 3rd party firms. The contractor will maintain ownership of the contractor’s resources used. Example: Sites and resources solely hosted by the contractor and contractor optimized websites, tr etc.

8. Releases

Client shall obtain all necessary copyright permissions and privacy releases for materials included in the content that is given to the contractor. Client shall indemnify Contractor against all claims and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, due to Client's failure to obtain such permissions or releases. Client gives full permission to use all content provided to the contractor under the terms of this agreement, including photos, videos, and all other content provided to the contractor.

9. Independent Contractor Status

The parties intend Contractor to be an independent contractor in the performance of the services. Contractor and Client agree to the following rights consistent with an independent contractor relationship.
• Contractor will have the right to control and determine the methods and means of performing the contractual services.
• Contractor has the right to perform services for others during term of this Agreement.
• Contractor has the right to hire assistants as subcontractors, or to use employees to provide the services required by this Agreement.
• Client shall not require Contractor or Contractor's employees or subcontractors to devote full time to performing the services required by this Agreement

10. Disputes

If a dispute arises, the parties will try in good faith to settle it through mediation conducted by a mediator to be mutually selected. The parties will share the costs of the mediator equally. Each party will cooperate fully and fairly with the mediator and will attempt to reach a mutually satisfactory compromise to the dispute. If the dispute is not resolved within 30 days after it is referred to the mediator, it will be arbitrated by an arbitrator to be mutually selected. Judgment on the arbitration award may be entered in any court that has jurisdiction over the matter. Costs of arbitration, including lawyers' fees, will be allocated by the arbitrator.

11. No Partnership

This Agreement does not create a partnership relationship. Neither party has authority to enter into contracts on the other's behalf.

12. Entire Agreement

This is the entire agreement between the parties. It replaces and supersedes any and all oral agreements between the parties, as well as any prior writings.

13. Successors and Assignees

This agreement binds and benefits the heirs, successors and assignees of the parties

14. Notices

All notices must be in writing. A notice may be delivered to a party at the address that follows a party's signature or to a new address that a party designates in writing. A notice may be delivered: • In person
• By certified mail, or
• By overnight courier.

15. Governing Law

This agreement will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state that the contractor resides

16. Counterparts

The parties may sign several identical counterparts of this agreement. Any fully signed counterpart shall be treated as an original

17. Modification

This agreement may be modified only by a writing signed by the party against whom such modification is sought to be enforced.

18. Waiver

If one party waives any term or provision of this agreement at any time, that waiver will be effective only for the specific instance and specific purpose for which the waiver was given. If either party fails to exercise or delays exercising any of its rights or remedies under this agreement, that party retains the right to enforce that term or provision at a later time.

19. Severability

If any court determines that any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable, any invalidity or unenforceability will affect only that provision and will not make any other provision of this agreement invalid or unenforceable and such provision shall be modified, amended or limited only to the extent necessary to render it valid and enforceable.


Client Signature:
(type name)


Delta Force Marketing
1804 South Oaklawn Drive Saint Anne,
IL 60964.
Phone: (815) 932-8936

Single Payment of $2000.00

(one time payment)

Monthly Payment of $1000.00

(recurring may be cancelled with 30days notice)