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Do you buy a car from the guy who is known for selling bad cars? Do you eat at restaurants that are known for bad food or bad service? Do you look for a doctor or dentist that is not well thought of as a skilled professional? Maybe you call the lawyer that always loses in court? Maybe a towing company that damages cars?

Now, think about this one, what if none of these things are true? What if this was YOUR business. What if a competitor or a bad customer got online and “trashed” your good reputation, anonymously! No proof, nothing wrong, just bad reviews many that you don’t even know about. How important would this be to a new customer looking for your profession online? You advertise all over the place but the only reviews online are bad ones? Would you get the call?

I could quote you a boatload of statistics on what this means, but the only one that matters is no customers.

We know you have happy customers. You would not have survived without them. If you are doing things honestly, skillfully, with competitive pricing, what more can you do.

That is where a skilled Reputation Management System can help keep your good name intact. Now if you are a thief, cheat, and/or liar there is not much anyone can do, EXCEPT avoid doing business with you. The days of low keyed disreputable business dealings are soon to be a thing of the past.

There was an old saying that 1 happy customer could get you 3, 1 unhappy customer could cost you 10. With the Internet and all the searches online now for professionals. Everyone reading reviews BEFORE they buy. You can now add many zeros behind tha t”10″ number. I see it happen every day.

I’ve seen an extremely busy restaurant go to little or no business almost overnight. I actually wrote about it in my book. I looked online and sure enough, someone got a bad meal, bad service or both. This was my favorite restaurant. It still is.

For the same restaurant, I saw a group of ten people one time have a bad experience and I think all of them wrote a negative review. So out of 13 total reviews online, 10 were bad. Would you eat there? So ask yourself. How important is this to YOUR business?

For more information on protecting your good name, contact me. We’re here to help.

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